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January 5, 2010
By pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
pjknoebel GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This ad is for the Hefty One Zip storage bags and was made to show how easy it can be to use the one zip bag.
The target audience is Wives and mothers shown by the fact that in the ad wives and mothers are excluded from the list of who can close it.
The literal meaning is that the bag keeps a strong seal on its contents and keeps them fresh. The strawberries are made to look ripe and delicious to provoke the audience that it is the bag doing this. The text on the bottom says that a child or husband can even close the bag it’s so easy, but it really means something else.
Hidden in this ad the text has an unstated message. It tells you that husbands and kids never close the bag and can be in the same category as the family dog. That the mother of the family is always the one who has to do it and makes you think of husbands and kids as lazy.
An above normal household lifestyle is represented in the ad. It portrays the average American family: husband, wife, kids and a family dog. Suggestion that this bag is for the average family. Also it glamorizes the fact that with this bag you will have a clean fridge. The fridge in the ad is spotless. No dirt or scum, just strawberries and a carton of eggs.
Values in this ad are slightly insulting. In a way its saying that wives and mothers are the only ones who can do things in the kitchen while men and kids are lazy and do as much work as the family dog. It suggests that this one zip bag will change their values from being lazy to active starting with zipping closed a bag.
A lot is not being told about the bag itself in the ad. There is not price, how much volume the bag can hold, how strong the bag is. Is it only strong enough to hold strawberries? No instructions of where to get the bag or even how many bags come in the box. Buying this bag will not for sure make kids and husband close the bag or even wives. It is just suggested that it can.

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