Death by Scrabble

November 15, 2009
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This is weird. It is what you are thinking after reading this Charlie Fish’s short story called ‘’Death by Scrabble or Tile M for Murder. I say weird, but I should have said bad to talk about this text that seems a little bit ridiculous to me.
First, this story is about a magical Scrabble that is kind of jinxed, and I found that really unnatural. When the players, in this case, it is an unpleasant man and his wife, are making words, these words are happening in the real life. For example, the man is playing ‘’FLY’’ and a little bit later, a fly appears in front of him. It seems like the author wanted to put some magic in his story, but it doesn’t really work because the context is normal, it is not a magic story. This little history is in a normal house with normal people but with a magic game! Another thing that is not so great is the plot. It seems a little bit repetitive and the same actions are always taking place. In fact, it is a little bit boring because of that. ‘’My rack spells MIHZPA. Plus the U in my mouth. Darn’’. It is like that the whole story! Little sentences about what the characters have in their rack or about Scrabble! For me, it is a bad story.

I think this text is not good and I do not recommend it to anyone because of all the reasons I said above. I give it 2 on 10.

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