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   "C asablanca" has everything anyone couldever want in a film. This story of political and romantic espionage is setagainst the backdrop of the conflict between democracy and totalitarianism in asmall seaport town in French Morocco.

With a rich and smoky atmosphere,anti-Nazi propaganda, Max Steiner's superb musical score, suspense, unforgettablecharacters and memorable dialogue, the classic is a masterpiece.

HumphreyBogart plays Ric, a succesful American nightclub owner with an intriguing past.The city of Casablanca is rapidly changing and under fire, but Ric remains thesame throughout the years. Then, Victor Laslow (Paul Henreid), leader of theunderground movement, comes to town. His wife Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) is the loveof Ric's life who had deserted him years before.

The film becomes thestory of a woman torn between two men - one she loves, and one she feelsobligated to.

This cinematic paragon is full of excitement, romance,adventure and suspense. It portrays the many conflicts, ironies and perplexityinvolved in war, love and staying true to yourself and those around you.

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