Dr. flub and AF &JEF

August 15, 2009
By , wentzville, MO
Our speciality on the Dr. flub show
is laughter. Watch as Dr. Flub interviews Different subjects, including me (Anonymous Fish),Radical Shingle, A crazed AF fan, and Kermit the frog (as played by AF). But what most people don't realize is that Dr. Flub and I have created a new cartoon series called AF & JEF. It showes the strange misadventures of jef, the smart, calm one of the show, and AF, the crazed Mischevious fish with Freaky Fashion (and hides his real identity as Iron fish)
Jerry and Jenny are a conflicted pair, they constantly fight and flirt on and off and hold a strong friendship with AF and JEF. Along with their show, they've also come up with a few music videos on their own, such as "don't stop beliving" by journey and "time of my life" by David Cook. Look up our videos on Youtube today!
- show created by: griffen and sandy productions
-Article by: Anonymous Fish

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