May 25, 2009
By Anonymous

This year, my high school held the musical play of “Lysistrata”. This play was about Greek wives that were upset with their husbands because they would rather fight in war than pay attention to them. The women then decided to make a pact and deny their husbands of their sexual desires.

I believe this play was very well put together. The play had great scenery and the actors and actresses were great! There was no trouble at all hearing any of the actors. They all projected their voices loud and clear so that everyone could hear them. I actually felt like I was on the stage with the actors because the atmosphere was so great and real.
The singing in the play was also very well performed. All the singers did very well and sang beautifully.
One problem I had with the play, however, was the topic of it. I thought that the women denying their husbands of sexual intercourse was not appropriate for a high school play. I believe that this topic was not suitable. They shouldn’t have had such a risqué plot. I believe this play with an appropriate plot would have been a perfect play!

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