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June 21, 2009
By hullothere GOLD, Bam, Washington
hullothere GOLD, Bam, Washington
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It is late Tuesday night when you remember you have a research project due the next day. You panic because you still need to finish your paper, and cite your sources. You stay up until 3:00 writing your paper and then fall asleep. The next day in 3rd period you turn in your project and realize that you forgot to cite all of your resources! You receive a C on your paper…

All of this hassle could have been avoided if you had used Citation Maker. It is a handy site that allows you to save time by basically creating the citations for you. All that you have to do is fill in the information needed (e.g. URL, site author, date accessed, etc.) then click submit. Out comes your citation for you to copy and paste onto a reference or citation page. Options are available for different formatted papers as well. After I found out about this site, I saved countless hours of creating citations for my projects.

So in order to save time on future research projects by making citations easy go to Citation Maker ( to help complete your research project.

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