May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

As soon as I walked in the front door I could smell the caramel apples surrounding me. I know that I had been there before, but I was still jumping for joy because we were finally spending the night. My whole family was coming so I was super happy. I had the entire game plan ready until we finally arrived there and I saw the new part. It was so cool because there was this dome that helped me tan.

We waited up in the room, I had to stay in until everyone arrived and were in their rooms. Everyone was in their bathing suits which made us want to go to the water park even sooner. I was grinning-the-biggest-grin-ever sitting on the bed. We were all in our bathing suits, but we couldn't be wet, we were stuck in our seats dry as a desert.

My favorite water slide was the funnel body slide because it was intense and loads of fun. The trick to go around more was not to move or I would go down into the hole. I spent the day on all sorts of water slides with my cousins.

Later that night we were doing a racing slide called Cheetah Races and my Uncle Steve cut his toe. We had to help him stop the bleeding, which was really gross. IT was red and gushing everywhere, we could hear all the people screaming in the wave pool, but I wasn't going to touch it. He said he was fine and that he was going to the first aid center to get a band-aid. He told us to go have fun and that he would be right back. He finally came back and we rode a ton more water slides, it was a blast.

We had a blast running up the steps and speeding down the slides. I was running with excitement, screaming while going on the funnel body slide, which is the best. I had a contest with my dad to see who could go around the funnel most. It turns out that my dad won because he was in the right position. My dad went around it about 5 times, but I did go and did it a little over 3 times. Finally, on my 5th try I went around more than five times, but then I went in backward, it hurt, but I flipped in and hit the bottom of the pool because it was only 6 feet deep.

Finally, the day ended and I went upstairs and once I was in the lobby I could smell the caramel apples once again. After we all showered we went down to the arcade and the play area with my little cousins. My family said I was really tan that day but then I lost it in a matter of 2 weeks. Later that night we went up to the rooms and had Chet & Matt's pizza, which I recommend if anyone ever goes to Sandusky, Ohio! Their pizza is like heaven to me. Oh and I can't forget the sundaes from Tofts which I also recommend if anyone goes to Sandusky. They have a ton of choices and they give people a ton of ice cream. I really like Superman and Eries Park Mocha, they are so good, for a small people get two scoops of your choice! Sandusky has an awesome choice of places to go, I also like to go to the Great Wolf Loge, Kalahari, a Hampton Inn with a water slide, and Cedar Point. All these places are the best so if anyone ever has the opportunity to go, they should.

The author's comments:
This water park is a blast and a great vacation for everyone in the family

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