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April 16, 2018
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Clammy hands reaching in, grasping at the guts within

Pulling down all inside, until in pit of stomach it resides

Bumps arrive with chill on skin, all to make outside match in

Stomach ache and butterfly—these speaker's unwanted brides


Pallor heart yet reded flesh, feelings that unwell do mesh

Whites of eyes out of sheath, shining like bar'ed teeth

Worry does from pores sweat thresh, leaving speaker less than fresh

Under each arm a dark wreath, that is all this bequeath


Cotton in mouth a tongue stuck tight, such is fear's birthright

Words fall out dumb and stunned, after together they have runned

Meaning lost to bitter blight, as speaker's voice takes fitful flight

All by panic's will uned, every idea did was undoned


Every eye and head that bow, make my heart fret somehow

For as I read this here and now, this same state my nerves allow

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