Shakespeare Sonnet

April 16, 2018
By Anonymous

The writings of Shakespeare are still read to this date
His most famous piece of work is the Romeo and Juliet love story,
The characters back then did not own cars, so they were often late
When the Capulets and Montagues fought it usually became gory.
Romeo was not consistent in his taste in girls
He transferred from Rosaline to Juliet after the Capulet dance,
Romeo left his dates’ minds in twirls
Asking Juliet to marry him was a once and life chance.
In the beginning of Act 3 Tybalt stabs Mercutio and he dies
Tybalt never took the chance to say sorry,
Romeo watched the last bit of life exit Mercutio’s eyes
The eyes of Mercutio right before he died happened to be hopeful and starry.
Romeo was banished from Verona for killing Tybalt with a sword,
The Capulet family will hunt for him in a great big horde.

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