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"My Place"

April 2, 2018
By BraatenE BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
BraatenE BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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The smell of the fresh cut grass
And the vast blue lake
The feeling of the winds pass
And my body not ache

I’m swaying left and right
Never wanting it to end
As the sun shining bright
Into nature I blend

When I long for some peace
A pause from reality
To put my mind at ease
While defying gravity

The sound of the breeze above
And the touch of cold nylon below
The colors of the leaves I love
Drifting into dreams I go

My place, my hammock tree
It holds my heart
Where I can be free
Where I can restart

The author's comments:

In the summer when i need to relax i go and lay in my hammock and this poem is about that. 

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