April 1, 2018
By aaron.leung BRONZE, North York, Ontario
aaron.leung BRONZE, North York, Ontario
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As you think, so shall you become. ~ Bruce Lee

The evergreen of youth flows through my veins

As nimble as the heartbeat in my breast,
An unscathed world where I control the reins,
A distant tower stands upon a crest.
No longer young, the evergreen decays,
The tower surges closer every beat,
A life whose greens have faded into greys,
Alas my time has come for us to meet.
The leering tower casts a shadow down,
Its timeless knell an ode to those in shade,
My dance with Death confers on Him its crown,
My debt to Death has duly been repaid.
   Knock knock. Time presages his ascension.
   Knock knock. I descend for My possession.

The author's comments:

The daily prompt that inspired the poem was "time". I started off the poem upbeat, representing the narrator's youth and vitality, and then I started getting into darker territory like deteriorating health and impending doom... Anyways, I find it interesting that the rhythmic and steady structure of the sonnet form pairs very nicely with the theme of the inevitable passing of time. As well, I put way too much effort into this poem, so if you speculate I might have done something on purpose, the answer is yes – it was done on purpose.

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