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January 30, 2018
By AmeliaJade BRONZE, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, Other
AmeliaJade BRONZE, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, Other
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Sometimes those who love us try not to show
There were raindrops pattering in my mind
From my confusion, what I don't know
Why don't those who love us stay ever kind
When you live in my heart, it leaps for you
Like the blossoms that grow in sweet Spring
By your side, there's nothing I can not do
My music is silence, and yet still I sing
My darling, you are so special to me
There's so much you bring to this depressed world
Your eyes are like the ever storming sea
And they speak so much more than useless words
Your name makes my soft heart beat far too fast
But we are broken and shatter like glass.

The author's comments:

About The Poem:
This poem is about how people hide their true feelings about things, even though they shouldn't, and how it confuses a lot of people. It shows how everyone is valued, even if they don't think they are.
About The Piece As A Sonnet:
I'm studying Shakespearian sonnets right now so it's an ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme scheme. It's pentameter but probably a mix between iambic and trochaic (with a favouring towards the former.)

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