December 27, 2017
By TheAmatuerOne BRONZE, Bronx, New York
TheAmatuerOne BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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"We are all worth millions of planets and stars and galaxies and universes" - River Phoenix

You give me half a frown
when I come around.
Other people come and tell me,
"She always brings me down".


The grudges you hold onto are tighter than
the grip of my nails tearing through my skin.
The scars you imprint on their hearts
are deeper than the ones that my nails have torn through my epidermis.


You cry and complain about why things
aren't the same, but
you can't refrain from being a rude dame.
Your heart is full of hate.
That is okay.


Because now I can see,
that your eyes are laced with jealousy.

The author's comments:

There's this girl who used to be my best friend, but she slowly drifted away from me. She changed. She was hostile to everyone around her, myself included. I didn't know why. After a while, she broke my heart by saying something about me behind my back which I thought she would never do. My heavy feelings brought me to write this.

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