A Distant Dream

October 12, 2017
By Yitan Chen BRONZE, Hangzhou, Other
Yitan Chen BRONZE, Hangzhou, Other
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You looked at me and greeted with a smile
It felt like breeze blowing down my face
My minds fled away for thousands of mile’
I never thought falling in love at the first gaze
Stars make me live in fantasy as you do
When heading up to the sky in the lonely night
There’s another thing in common stars share with you
Both are impossible for me to hold tight
I’d better write a song and sing myself to sleep
But you showed up inducing me to a hangover
You laughed a lot like an innocent sheep
Now I have to wait for someone to turn this page over
  After years I bet you must be reminded of my something
  All those years I wonder if you would say yes and be my everything

The author's comments:

some person just simply come into my life, quietly and too good to believe

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