The Awakening of Summer

July 8, 2017
By jayflight2468 GOLD, DeKalb, Illinois
jayflight2468 GOLD, DeKalb, Illinois
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Upon the barren earth life sprouts anew
And the thawing marks the demise of frost
In its place tumultuous storm clouds brew
And the early setting sun is thus lost.

The new season has set its promised course
As infant buds fold into vivid green
The irritable pollen leaves throats hoarse
Although most early changes go unseen

And with a growing presence in the sky
The fiery eye lays upon by noon
With the season's dew beginning to dry
May's flowers wilt under the heat of June

As ageless spring speaks its final farewell
Awakens prolonged blazing heats of hell

The author's comments:

I can't read the last line without laughing

because it's really over dramatic

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