Ice cream

June 9, 2017
By Frecklesmkl14 BRONZE, Fuquay, North Carolina
Frecklesmkl14 BRONZE, Fuquay, North Carolina
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The cake cone cannot protect you from it
The flavor is not what you expected
The stickiness causes you to have a fit
The line to order is long and hectic
Chocolate syrup runs down your fingers
Uncomfortable stick spreads everywhere
The feeling seems to forever linger
It will get stuck all over your face and hair
The potential to drop it is endless
Hot sun beats down and causes it to drip
You will have quick thirst that will feel quenchless
To have the big third scoop you were guilt tripped
But despite it all the taste is so good
You wouldn't change your snack even though you could

The author's comments:

I wrote his sonnet because I thought it would be interesting to find a different view about icecream and write about it

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