May 21, 2017
By , Olathe, KS



Oh wait, I don't see it anymore.

Whoa, there it is, it appears on the shore

of a beach that is followed by the unplanned,

it's shine captivates me from the sand,

Is there any left that I could restore?


I dig, and seek this light, so pure

as it brightens, my hopes grow a thirst for more,

it looks to be moving inland,

oh wait, I don't see it anymore.


I guess I lost it, but could I know for sure

that my longing for the light had dissapeared for evermore?

There is no way that it is meant for my hand

to hold, it was proven when it escaped from the sand

as my hands dug further into the floor, 

oh wait, I don't see it anymore.

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