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May 9, 2017
By Mike279 SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
Mike279 SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
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Rabid claws all mighty hunt in the woods,
Sting cling great pain scavenge within the air,
Stomp, chomp, she takes lives even childhood,
As long as she survives, she does not care.
Change and hide she always goes unnoticed,
Cheats and tricks, she has learned to kill and take,
She blinds and masks as if she were a lotus,
Sounds and scent cover the everlasting fake.
Quakes and storms a human cannot avoid,
She walks with every footprint a disaster,
Men think they can avoid what she destroys,
But once she shows, she shows who’s the master.
Her guilt and sins yin and yang its purpose,
Without her, human life would be formless.

The author's comments:

I thought it would be important to find the purpose of everyday things that everybody experiences.

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