The Eight Legged Legend

May 9, 2017
By , Fairfield, OH

I don’t like: how you seem creepy and crawly
The way you do it keeps me and the family scared
And whence you have been seen you make me peely wally
Whenever you have been spotted we are always –unprepared

You always seem to appear like Judas, and betray us all
Sauntering on walls with your very hairy eight          T
Whenever twilight arrives you make us shuttering   A
When left alone you, you go and annihilate                L
Anyways you relate to a mad teacher
  Or a simply put: broken and busted blood vessel on my rump
Simply put you still are an important creature
I just find it a little hard to love you chump

I mean you always adequately adhere to killing others
You still do not compare to candy
The way you do things seems to make you like a brave big brother
Without you, our whole wide world wouldn’t be dandy! 

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