Dallas Winston Poem

April 30, 2017
By APGreek BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
APGreek BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
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He was violent and rebellious

He was never big onshowing emotion

His eyes were cold with a sense of reckless

He did not show respect or compassion


He was so tough, some labled him a hood

He was always causing trouble in town

Some even say he was misunderstood

When feeling dangerous, he can't be calmed down


Through all the hate, there is lovethat shines through

For Johnnny, his love will always endure

Now, the ice melts into soft shades of blue

But, all the loss in his life has no cure


A courageous hero, deep down inside

One boy's not enough, to keep him alive

The author's comments:

The book the outsiders by SE Hinton was one 1 read in seventh grade and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. The characters have greatly impacted my life andtought me the importance of other people in life that will care for you and support you.

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