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April 30, 2017
By deschampskirstyn SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
deschampskirstyn SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
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Your eyes told a story, served as windows
to your soul; deep blue like the ocean, and
shimmered like the stars, a beautiful glow.
Your kiss, filled with drive, able to withstand;
torrential rains and hurricanes, but still
fill me with desire, a fire all too real.
It burns the truest, brightest white and fills
each crevice inside my heart with the feels.
Your hands were always warm when you held me
in your arms. They never overstepped their
bounds, never caused any harm. I could see
that you were so patient, you truly cared.
Each part of you built the woman I am.
You taight me to love in ways no one can.

The author's comments:

Despite the hurt I felt when it was over, I am grateful I had the chance to love while I was still innocent enough to allow myself to trust.

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