Two Trees

April 2, 2017
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Beauty glistens, radiating from the depths of her blue lagoon,
Solidifying the connection established between us in ways unknown,
To ones who don't dwell on the moon.
The dim light brings out her perfection, and in an instant my mind is blown.
When the midnight hour comes, we lay lucid, dreaming,
Of far away lands with far less corruption.
Inside, my mind is screaming,
Yet on the outside, I await my abduction.
She infiltrated my soul and imprinted her royalty on my mind,
So much that within its walls, she is all that I can find.
Genuinely curious, I flee states of pretention,
Which pressure one's being into faking a response.
I do not put on a mask to get her attention,
But her attention is all that my heart wants.

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