Running too much

March 29, 2017
By THE-THINKER BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
THE-THINKER BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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The pain i feel after running to hard.

The sweat that rolls down my tired face.

My body gives up because of pain, deep shard.

I fall to the ground and give up the pace.


My feet too tired to stand up again.

But the joy of running i love too much.

But the pain way too much for my hurt shin.

Shove myself back up again with a punch.


My head throbs with the pressure, from the pain.

My head spins of the oxygen on hold.

I have to find some support like a cain.

But i fallen upon a rock with mold.


But the joy i have for running too much.

Lots of love i have for running a bunch.

The author's comments:

this inspired me because, of the joy i have for running.

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