A Best Friend

March 29, 2017
By shelbs20 BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
shelbs20 BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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A best friend is always by your side,

She can always make you laugh even on a bad day,

A true friend will always be there for the ride,

No matter what she always knows what to say.


We may fight but we always make up,

The miles between us wont keep us apart,

Shes alwyas there even when im in a slump,

She will always be very near to my heart.


The friendship we have is so hard to find,

We've made eachother laugh so hard that we've cried

But we hate so see eachother in a bind,

We feel eachothers pain if we are hurt inside.


Thinking of her not being here makes me sad,

We will look back on our crazy memories to make us glad.

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