Hanzo And Genji

March 29, 2017
By ApexVoid BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
ApexVoid BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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How your piercing shrunkens stroke him down.

Swift as lighting, your opponent suffered,

your mercy on your brother made him frown.

But your body recovered, you are buffer.

The pain inside of you I could not bare.

Hanzo turned his back on you, and shot you.

Your eyes widened in horrorwhen you stared.

Brother loved you, but you had no clue.

"Dragon becomes me." His final words too.

As the arrow pierced you, your heart sank.

He picks up the blade and takes the value

The love disappeared, but the hatred is dank.

Only Genji would be left in the rain.

But it is only Hanzo that is in vain.

The author's comments:

Hanzo hated genji because he was jelous of his Dragon blase and he wanted it. With his dragon bow Hanzo shot Genji. A doctor named Mercy, recovered Genji. Soon after that he went to find Hanzo and tell him that he was alive, and not dead. Genji joined Overwatch to fight crime with his other peers, soon after that Hanzo joined in as well.

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