my life

March 28, 2017
By gvf_ali BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
gvf_ali BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I think to myself i'm all alone,grew up in a home with no daddy ,tryna stand tall on my own ,i can't deal with these clones but everything i've known has blown into pieces, open season bullet holes mentally repeated…   

Like i'm being choked by demons ,my ears stay alert and aware listening to hell and air ,hope with prayer, hope i'm scared,grab a rope and prepare to tie all of this crazy, feeling like daisy, ones i'm gone won't be able to find my traces   

Even if i hate me,you couldn't pay me to try and save me,woke up again in hadeas my sleep was just a daydream,spacing out again thinking about how maybe i can make some changes, somehow take my life and remake it,rearrange it,or erase it.

Sometimes i wonder what my faith is,im effortless ,growing up in this life i'm fatherless ,going to school with all my tardiness, i'd like to continue but ima stop and get back to my life of loneliness

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my life

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