Who is the musician?

March 23, 2017
By Ilse_Spiro GOLD, Palmer, Alaska
Ilse_Spiro GOLD, Palmer, Alaska
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Music, did you know that It can play you,
It always makes you want to dance and sing
Its echoing sounds brings life as they do ring,
So, you can play it but it plays you too,
Now I ask the musician is who?
And so the sounds flood like a bright spring,
Like the true musician of everything,
You may own music but it owns you too,
It makes your heart beat in many different ways,
Gives emotions that were otherwise unknown,
You often jump for joy when the music plays,
Many times forces sad thoughts to dethrone,
It can put you in a foggy haze,
But It will make sure you never feel alone

The author's comments:

I LOVE music and it has the power to control my mood, same as a musician has the power to change the tunes of a song

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