Full Circle

September 17, 2016
By Sad.Cypr3ss BRONZE, Richmond, Other
Sad.Cypr3ss BRONZE, Richmond, Other
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Beyond the moon of memories forlorn
And lost in spits of sunder’d stars and tears,
Reborn once more on shores the shades adorn -
The narrow hopes that die as Nightfall nears.

No dreams to contemplate, and none to catch;
No thoughts to hear, and none for one to hold -
Afloat in lava rivers under latch
Of atmosphere of bale and beasts untold.

With soul and spirit standing poles apart;
And cleft in half, the crack - a million miles -
Is but the hinder’d and unheeding heart,
Which Ignorance by night with wiles beguiles.

Full circle back to kingdom come; and from
The tomb of womb to womb of tomb we come.

The author's comments:

This sonnet was inspired by Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey."

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