Grin of the Devil

August 5, 2016
By GraceEllen SILVER, Chatham, New Jersey
GraceEllen SILVER, Chatham, New Jersey
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My head erupts and bursts into a flame
A life of hate and rage and shattered dreams
My wrath ignites a fire in my brain
But won’t distract my heart from all the pain

It seeps into my skin and coats my soul
It creeps into my head and takes control
It scribbles in my mind a horrid sin
The fury starts to kill me from within

My conscience begs and says he’s seen enough
But I’ve forgotten what it's like to love
Unwritten sins trickle all through my veins
Angels cry but the devil still remains

The anger strikes and sends a brutal surge
The devil smiles, for he has done his work
But now I feel a burning sense of doubt
It’s too late; the lights are already out

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