The twenty-fifth hour

July 16, 2016
By ApekshaRai BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
ApekshaRai BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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If it comes, let it come before I know

Or Lord, that one hour will stand upon rest.

And I won’t see the rest ones below,

But the one above all will steal my zest


Let me not be the slaughterer of thousands,

Bribed and enticed just for the sake of one.

Let me not forget to live the seconds,

Within the ace of the life’s ending run.


The ruler of foliage, the holder of seas

Even for a day, yet shall I become

And I’ll let the sparks dwindle with the breeze

That my twenty-fifth hour is yet to come.


To witness the world, I came for a day

And my dearest last hour fades me away!

The author's comments:

I believe that living more time is better than living for more time, and  to let the mankind feel it, a creature called mayfly or one-day insect is there in the world. It comes for a day, enjoys, dances, mates and dies.

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