January 17, 2014
By a-delusional-sleep SILVER, Oxford, Other
a-delusional-sleep SILVER, Oxford, Other
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Blessed is the troubled day
Blessed is the coming darkness

Its what we do for you my dear
when clouds are buckling under rain
we all tread through your cries of fear
calm thundering skies,ease your pain,

You're hard to help, funny parasite
despite all the work, you are still my friend
I watch wait for the glint inside you to ignite,
and breathe in relief when you start to slowly mend,

one day, one week, one month gone for you
while you chase dreams of a better life,
I know the fantasies you talk about you hope to pursue
so let that patchwork imagination run rife,

Store our friendship for later, I know it'll keep,
for when you wake up from your delusional sleep

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