Truth is special, so is thy love for you

July 26, 2013
Shall I compare thee to a glorious life?
Thou art more beautiful and amazing
Soft times lying on a hammock being your wife
Just seeing your eyes gazing
Sometimes your eyes stare into mine
Like a mother looking at her child
The way you become so fine
As when the heat from the sun is mild
Rough moments in time that we still pass
It makes you want to be adrift
As though the wind is blowing through the grass
Or as the ocean waves try to lift
A day will never go by when your not loved
You were put here for something, that’s true
Like a glorious, beautiful looking dove
As like when the sunsets all the way through
So as long as air can be breathed,
And hearts can still beat
Thy love will never stop for nothing,
Not even for something that means so deep.

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