Tell Me

March 26, 2013
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Tell me that you love me.
Tell me that you care.
Tell me that you need me,
And that you’ll always be there.
Tell me I’m your one and only.
Tell me I’m the one.
Tell me that we’ll always be together.
And that our journey’s just begun.
I want to believe in you.
Please don’t give me a reason to think otherwise.
Tell me that you’re the man I need.
Tell me you’re that guy.
I can’t lose you if I wanted to.
I can’t hate you if I tried.
I can’t turn my back on you when you’re down
Because I’d never forgive myself if you cried.
I can’t leave you in a hospital to die alone,
-Because I’d regret not being there to give you courage to move on.
Let’s face it:
I’ll never leave your side,
Because I care, I really do.
In other words my dear,
I love you.

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