January 4, 2013
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All you had was me, and I let you down.
You were innocent and sweet when you’re depression didn’t have you overwhelmed.
I was all the family you had, but I deserted you when you needed me the most.
But I didn’t realize I needed you as much you needed me and now you’re gone, and my heart is set to roast.

I stare perpetually at the bathroom mirror; but I don’t see myself at all.
I still remember that haunting look on your face before I turned my back on your call.
I let them get to me; I let them take me in.
You needed me, you called my name, but I let the peer pressure win.

I’ll never forgive myself; your face is forever in my head.
-That horrid feeling of emptiness when I saw your face and you were dead.
Your eyes were glazed over, your head tilted back,
-Looking at the rooftop for help- the help that I could’ve given you- the aid that I lacked.

Your wrists were full of scars, and your mouth slightly open,
- There was a needle in your arm, but it looked as if you were choking.
I could’ve saved you; you would still be alive, I bet.
But instead, I live on, with a heart full of regret.

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