Make it

January 6, 2013
Some people struggle to pay rent but we call this the realest state
Thennwe turn on the T.V. and admire things we secretly hate
You can have your sweet sixteens
While my people are shivering and trying to avoid fiends

Sickness to watch suffering with a smirk
My dad is from the projects, that has nothing to do with his schoolwork
Life is something we all have to make an effort to enjoy
Hatred of processed foods,must eat then because my mom is employed

So that's why I have to bring my dream into fruition
Poetry is going to allow me to pay everyone's tuition
Hopefully this is not just my imagination and we can all avoid temptation
One day when the great poets are mentioned my name would be mentioned

A promise of success, I will never break it
A creative dream, I will definitely make it

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