Gifted is the Place

December 7, 2012
The second hour bell rings as I walk into my Gifted class,
the only place I know where time can pass so fast.
My Gifted class is the only place to be me,
because in every other class all they see is “nerdy.”
I come to Gifted to be me without limitations,
I come to Gifted to be me with no reservations.

The Gifted class students are all quite the same,
I know all of them and they call me by name.
We sit in class and soak up pure knowledge,
actually having fun preparing for college.
This Gifted hour is more than just a class,
It is more than a space for time to slowly pass.

Gifted is the place to be yourself and be free,
From all the labels and kids that think you’re just nerdy.
Gifted is the place where you don’t have to hide,
Where the teachers take extra learning into their stride.
Gifted is my sanctuary, gifted is my home,
And if I didn’t have Gifted, I would feel quite alone.

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