Broken Heart, Pretty Face

November 19, 2012
An angelic young girl with a resplendent heart.
She is such a kind, cordial, sympathetic girl.
Why must distance keep us apart?
She smiles with teeth more perfect as polished pearls.

Her peers leave her out.
They say futile things about her.
She keeps it all in, when she just wants to shout.
Sometimes she wonders what this world has left to offer.

They’re playing with her too much. One day, She’ll loose it.
I can’t fix her heart, but I try to piece together what can be fixed.
The beauty she has is breathtaking, something no one will admit.
Distance won’t break us. We’re affixed.

I would trade places with anyone in her school.
Just to be with her through the thick and thin.
It makes no sense why people must be so cruel.
Her mind continues to spin and spin.

It hurts too bad, When will they be done?
Run far, far away to somewhere they won‘t see her ever again.
As they go on and on, She just wants to run.
When you bully her, what do you gain?

The things bullies say are so low.
I demand vengeance.
You don’t know anything about her that I know.

We don’t keep secrets in our friendship.
She is my best friend. She is my better half.
I can’t stop what isn’t in my presence. Her heart will continue to rip.
I decided to write this poem on my best friend’s behalf.

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