For my Love is Sheerest and True

September 18, 2012
By esurasshi BRONZE, Iligan City, Other
esurasshi BRONZE, Iligan City, Other
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Words, there are no words to speak with this tongue
And songs not enough to sing with this voice
That epitomize this feeling that clung
You, deep inside I love, my heart rejoice

Never I think no more of the picture
I see; When your glistening eyes seek mine
That flannel-shirted smile is a torture,
For my heart out pours with love so fine

Even when our memories will fade in vain
As Time jostles away our Forever,
Just close your eyes and there you'll hear no stain
That is my heart for you, please remember

For my love I know, is sheerest and true
And impedimeants halt me not love you

The author's comments:
I made this sonnet because we were required to make one during our English Literature Subject. This is written in a Shakespearean rhyme scheme and I'm inspired by this special someone :)

To all of you who love someone purely and true, this sonnet says it all. :)

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