Wake Up

June 14, 2012
By LxYxDxIxA BRONZE, Cheshire, Connecticut
LxYxDxIxA BRONZE, Cheshire, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Everyone wants happiness
No one wants pain
But you can't have a rainbow
Without a little rain

Steal me from reality I beg you

Fly me to the world I left this morning

That place between sleep and awake is in view

I wish to be there, I’m always yearning

My kingdom, my palace, where I can dream

Anything, everything can happen there

I’ll find my way on a silver moon beam

For me, real life is too awful to bare

But my train has been delayed, I’m restless

Tired but cannot even close an eye

To my empire, you’ve lost the address?

Please find it for I need to go, to fly

But I realize now, what I must do

I must wake up to make my dreams come true

The author's comments:
So we had to study Shakespeare in English. I thought it was going to be really difficult to write a sonnet. So I was freaking out the night before it was due because, once again, I had procrastinated. Then I found inspiration. I was looking through my old writing pieces when I found one about getting bad scores at a dance competition. I had written that story a long time ago but I found the message I wanted to convey.

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