Can I Rant?

June 23, 2012
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Don’t ever dream
And if you do, don’t ever think they’ll come true
And don’t trust people
Because all your “best friends” never will come through!
And if you dare hope
Then you already lost
Because all the doubts in the world smell your wants
If you’re looking for love
End your search now you’ll search til your soul cracks and never find a thing
Look fleetingly til your feet hurt and regret the wanted fling because you can find a fake love
A less than satisfactory copy
But you’ll only be kidding yourself
But I don’t know from experience so don’t trust me
I’ve just wanted something so much
And wished it could happen so often;
I cried my heart empty of desires
And prayed for my rough, beating pulse to soften
Because all that wanting got me
Was scars across my chest
It drove me mad from inside-out
So I tried cutting my heart out so it could rest
I cried as my pain roared out of me
Intense like a million mortal wounds
That’s the pain of a love uninvited
A love that was meant to lose

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