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June 4, 2012
By RenesmeCullen GOLD, Eldorado, Texas
RenesmeCullen GOLD, Eldorado, Texas
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When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal. ~Author Unknown

Our story didn''t start off meeting at the mall or at the movies or at the super market
It started off with a friend request on Facebook
But it wasn't love at first sight
My first thought towards you was he's a jerk
But still you gave me your number
And I texted you
You said something that had me thinking
Damn I ain't never gonna love this guy
Then there was the first phone call
First time I heard your voice
I was like who the hell is this guy
So I hunged up
Never expecting to text or call you again
Lets flash forward to February 4,2012
We had become fast friends
And I was starting to fall for you
Suddenly my phone ranged and it was a text from you
From there on my heart belonged to you
And your heart belonged to me
Now lets take a look at February 13
Night before Valentine's day
We had promise to talk till midnight
So we could tell each other Happy V-Day
But around 11:50
You fell asleep on me
It was so cute
For you started snoring
Quietly I told you I love you Happy V-Day babe
Then I hung up on you
Moving on to March 3, 2012
When we first met
We met at McDonald's
With butterflies racing
I hugged you
Then we look into each other eyes
And you kissed me on the lips
It was my first kiss, it was flawless, it was fearless
My first kiss was at McDonald's
Also there you gave me your key
The key to your heart
Flash forward to today
When we were on the phone talking
You said I know I should ask you in person but will you marry me
My or your heart skipped a beat
Smiling wide I said yes
We planned our wedding day to February 4,2016
4 years since you have asked me out
And even though our story keeps on going
Even though our story doesn't have an end
This is all I got to say
And as we go on I'll keep on writing our story

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