May 24, 2012
By katiekate BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
katiekate BRONZE, Summerfield, North Carolina
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Fear fall me
Cut me with
Cold hands. Use your hammer, smith
And pitch me into three
Twisting my tongue and tearing my mind. Break me to the nth degree
Tear my kind apart. Don’t let the smallest pith
Escape. Crush me sith
You have every power. Blind my eyes so I can’t see.
But if I could unhood your cloak, if I
Could take away your scythe, would you let me escape your yellow air, then
Let yourself be washed away like sweat? Would you pass by
My hiding place? Will you leave me unbroken and allow me into the glen
Of your absence, whole for one more day. Why
Do I bother to ask? No matter how hard I plea, You will make me unwhole again.

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