How does one write a sonnet?

May 3, 2012
By Kozy94 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Kozy94 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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How does one write a sonnet? Like, come on.
I’m just, like, worrying about it bro.
What rhymes with “on?” Oh wait, I got it! Tron.
I, for one, am no Shakespere, don’t you know?

Fitting ten syllables ain’t so easy.
This is so why I am not a poet.
My writing seems to be very sleazy.
Better stay in school so I don’t blow it.

Woah, too many syllables, that won’t work.
I killed a bee. Now to kill the next bee.
“Next bee” is all that rhymes with “expi,“ jerk.

Finally, the last two lines of the poem.
In bubble baths, I can make beards with foam.

The author's comments:
This piece of writing is an enigma in that it's a clash between free verse and a very technical poetry style. I was assigned to write a sonnet in my English class. It seemed very difficult to write one because of all the rules one must follow to get your idea across. I decided to just write anything that came to mind and not stop writing until it was finished. The final product turned out to be quite silly, it's just the random thought process of a teenager writing under pressure.

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