The Greatest Love You Will Never Know

April 12, 2012
A secret love that no one knows
Looking at you, praying it doesn't show
Everyone says we make a perfect pair
I wish I was brave enough to ask, to dare
If you would want to be called mine
I would take care of you until the end of time
And through the bad times, I'll be there
This I promise, I know I can swear
From the bottom of my heart, to be the man you deserve
To hold you when you cry, to help you through every curve
That this thing we call life throws at us
My deep, profound love, you can trust
This promise I will keep, my word is true
If you only knew the feelings I have for you

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HeavenCooley said...
May 2, 2012 at 10:32 am
This is really good!(:
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