Emotions of a Recluse

April 9, 2012
By Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
Pramsay SILVER, Madeira, Ohio
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It has been more than a year
So many times I’ve been told lies
And the memories may cause a tear
What do people see when they look in my eyes

For so long I’ve been alone
Only in my head am I a recluse
It feels like these hearts are made of stone
And now I’m thinking of the noose

Why am I always treated like bile?
My emotions are just a mask
I can feel my face lying as I smile
Is trusting a human being such a difficult task?

Will I ever be happy, I don’t know
But I’ve learned that life is not a show

The author's comments:
This piece is about individuality and adolescent independence. Though the main theme of it, which is underlying in many of my poems, is that people should not show apathy toward one another. Loneliness does not have to exist when there are billions of people on this planet. This poem isn't written from my perspective, but I have felt that way before. I'm sure many of my peers have as well, so that is the real embodiment of this poem.

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