I'm Home

March 31, 2012
Each minute creeps by
The agony growing worse each day
Wanting to escape this world, wanting to die
As I go to waste away

I don't want to be here any longer
For all this world has brought me is displeasure
My spirit never grew stronger
And for anyone here, I have no more allure

All the cruel people only set me to fire
Only left scars on my heart
I have no more aspire
I'm sorry, my friends, but for now we must part

You are responsible for my suffer
You knew your harsh words tore me down
I want you to know you made it a lot rougher
So just stop interacting with me now

I'm on my way back home
Leaving all of you behind
A secret place where everything is well and a beautiful sea foams
Because I've spent too many a day confined

I'll finally meet the one who saved us all
The one who bled for me
If the sea of flames is where you want to fall
Then good luck, let it be

Every attempt to hurt me was needless
For now my life is perfect
No pain will ever touch me again
And I shall live foreverEvery attempt to hurt me was needless
For more my perfect

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LandOfDarkness said...
Apr. 2, 2012 at 7:11 pm
Ignore the last parts after "And I shall live forever". That was an error.
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