Fell for You

March 26, 2012
For such a short time I thought you were mine
These moments shared were more to me than you,
I know. And now I wait, and some say whine.
Oh how it pains to long for what I knew

As we fell apart you found her instead.
You not only took her, she’s broken as well.
Not just some girl I barely knew, but one
Whom I have given title of best friend.

And soon it was, hate masked the jealousy
The insults flew from both, but mine were lies.
At times the fury was dropped but still just barely
We swore we ceased to care, and he’s despised

So after ev’ry thing, the lies, the fights,
I wish for you and only you at night

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M2coolTodd said...
Mar. 28, 2012 at 1:59 pm

this is great


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