Ego Trip to Hell

March 10, 2012
I was born in the ghetto
I walked the dangerous streets of the inner city
Of Hell
I designed the projects so tough that a sun
Would never be seen ever again
Into the center of threshold of addictions
I am the devil

I sat on the throne
Leading the African American to the Underground Railroad
I got caught and was sent to slavery
The tears from people pleading for me
Created more pain in my body
I am a strong young black woman

I gazed the huts
Out in Africa
With only cold oatmeal
And no clothes to spare
I am a cheetah
So swift with rage

My strength grows daily
I made the drug
Of death

I am proudly at the top of the cliff
I turned myself into the devil
All men sin for my great achievements
They praise me, they praise me
I am the one you will burn with

I sowed fire into my yard
My fingernails of precious flames
I am so evil, so divine, so malicious
I cannot be amended

I can be well
While I am in Hell

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