March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

hash tag
you only live once

pull a crab out of a hole in the sand
sing karaokee at a random beach bar with a band

hitch hike with a pizza hut delivery man
ding dong ditched but stood at the door when everyone else ran

convince your parents to go to Boyne for the weekend and throw a party
make friends with the town hobo Marty

go paddle boating in the middle of winter
climb up the old mysterious tree house even if u get a splinter

night swimming in the country club pool
stand on the top roof of the middle school

hold an alligator baby
have an inside air soft war maybe

eat a whole box of pizza slices
form a dodge ball team better than Rice's

participate in a three am laser tag tournament
graffiti your name under a bridge permanent

whatever it is you need to do
do it now, because you only live once
its all up to you

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