i love you..

February 15, 2012
i see you evryday in my life,
i want to say hello,
i see you wanting to talk with you,
i wish i wanst so shy,
sometimes i just want to cry.

you walking up to me saying hi,
i think i might just die,
not knowing what to say,
i just nod and say bye.

feeling like a fool,
i see you again and you walk up and give me a hug,
standing there feeling like im a bug,
walking away i might drool.

walking down the hall,
i look in your eyes,
so brown and so pretty,
i whisper in your ear, i think i love you,

slipping away from you,
you say i love you too,
just hearing those words,
i might not be so blue,
i become happy and im in your arms.

i will never forget wanting to say i love you.

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